Furygan WR9 Textile Motorcycle Jacket


The Furygan Clothing range as fast become one of our most popular motocycle clothing lines this year. Quite a lot of the products simply cant be kept in stock across the UK. Good news is that a lot of the product is stock held in the factory in France and can be with us in a few days. The range quality is superb and every customer has been more than happy with their purchases. We havent had a sinlge return so far. Whats surprises us even more is how popular it has turned out to be in the United States of America. Thanks Furygan.


Furygan WR9 Textile Motorcycle Race Jacket.

Furygan in the past 40 years have worked to improve safety and comfort of riders in an authentic manner, respecting the product, without artifice. We use the best technology (Sympathex, Zandona, Outlast ...) wisely, to constantly improve your coverage, simply, efficiently. Our Exo System, for example, can absorb the energy of a shock that is not reflected in the bones of your hand. Mastered this technology, validated by experts we are implementing on our range of gloves through molding carbon fiber. For your day to be placed under surveillance, that kind of technology!

100% polyester Waterproof Breathable

Although we endevour to keep a level of stock of all Furygan products, unfortunatly some items may take 10 days plus for delivery. We cannot stock every product available to us and we are working on repairing the issues with our site which show as items in stock but this will take time for us to complete as we are waiting on updates to the system to allow us to do so. We try to stock numbers of the most popular exhausts but again we go through these quickly and pre-ordering is often the most productive way for you to ensure your order. Lead times for delivery do vary but most can within a 10 working day period. Exceptions to this are Devil & Racefit which are ordered direct from the factory and can take 10 working days to reach us and Scorpion who with the exception of the more common exhausts manufacture o order and can take upto 15 working days to deliver to us. Please bear this in mind before placing your order and if you would like a closer approximation please ask and we will ask the questions and answer accordingly. For further information on delivery times please contact us on or call on ++44 28 9581 1333.

Make the Furygan WR9 Textile Motorcycle Jacket your first choice for a Textile Motorcycle Jackets.

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