Ducati 1199 Paginale Galfer Motorcycle Brake Discs and Pads


Galfer Brake Discs with their wave heat dispersion profile technology are the worlds most popular motorcycle brake disc options for road users. When you make the choice to buy as solid a bike as the Ducati 1199 Paginale you really will need all the stopping power and performance you can get so dont scrimp on the details. Buy a set of Galfer Brake Discs and some Galfer Brake pads for your Ducati 1199 Paginale. I promise its a purchase you will not regret.


Ducati 1199 Paginale Galfer Motorcycle Brake Discs and Pads.

Galfer Wave Discs Galfer are innovators in braking technology and are the company responsible for the original ‘Wave’ disc design.
These wave discs are a direct bolt on replacement for the original discs, significantly lighter than standard discs therefore reducing weight and gyroscopic effect.

Galfer 'Speed Kits' are boxed sets including front wave discs & brake pads that are perfectly matched to the disc material to give optimum performance and life.These kits are ideal for road and track day use.

PLEASE NOTE: Galfer road bike discs have bluish/gunmetal coloured centres, gold is only supplied for offroad/supermoto models.

TECH DATA Front Sport bike units are full floating and have an aluminum center carrier. Some front Off Road applications are full floating. All Wave rotors will improve the lever feel and feed back allowing the rider to get a much stronger and progressive brake then other units would. (Added trailing edge on the brake pad surface) Wave rotors are also great for keeping mud off the surface friction plate, allowing for the brake pads durability to be extended in muddy conditions. (Self-cleaning action) Most Wave applications are lighter than the original OEM rotors.

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Make the Ducati 1199 Paginale Galfer Motorcycle Brake Discs and Pads your brake discs and pads of choice.

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