MV Augusta Brutale HP Corse Motorcycle Exhausts


MV Augusta Brutale HP Corse Motorcycle Exhausts. We have been working with HP Corse for over a year now and although a slow starter they are fast becoming one of our more popular niche products. HP Corse Exhausts are a really different alternative to the standard fare in exhausts that we can get these days and really do stand out in a crowd at the Sunday Pub Car Park.


MV Augusta Brutale HP Corse Motorcycle Exhausts.

HP Corse are one of those niche market European brands hand crafting products for the motorcycle market. They manufacture a range of exhausts of which we will be focusing on the SP Evo 1 and the Hydroform Models. The SP Evo 1 are similar to products from Akrapovic, Remus etc but without the mass manufactured feel and instead that of a real hand crafted product which will fit your bike perfectly. On the Hydroform front and to quote the guys at HP Corse themselves:

"Hydroforming is an incredibly refined technology, used in this sector only by an elite of manufacturers, to which HP CORSE belongs, adding its typically Italian craftsmanship. The hydroforming technique consists in shaping sheet metal using a fluid at extremely high pressure. This pressure causes sheet metal to adhere to the mould. This way, the most incredible shapes and variable diameters can be obtained, without any cutting or welding. The final result is a unique, sinuous, exciting product. Without welding, exhaust gases can free-flow inside incredibly thin sheet metal, whilst mechanically ultra rigid and light. HYDROFORM exhaust systems are born to be fitted on the most beautiful naked, sports and hypersports bikes on the market. With HYDROFORM the sound, fascination and power will never be the same again."
If you have any questions please give us a shout.
HP Corse are sourced direct from the factory in Italy so it is important to note that they will take time to deliver. It normally can take atleast 7 working days to manufacture you product. Please allow for delivery & inspection by us and delivery to you should we be happy with the quality when we see it.

The HP Corse Exhausts range are a made to order product and can take some weeks to be available for delivery. Please contact us for more information.

We can supply exhausts from Arrow, Akrapovic, Devil, Hindle, Motad, Racefit, Remus, Scorpion &Yoshimura. We cannot stock every exhaust available to us and we are working on repairing the issues with our site which show as items in stock but this will take time for us to complete as we are waiting on updates to the system to allow us to do so. We try to stock numbers of the most popular exhausts but again we go through these quickly and pre-ordering is often the most productive way for you to ensure your order. Lead times for delivery do vary but most can within a 10 working day period. Exceptions to this are Devil & Racefit which are ordered direct from the factory and can take 10 working days to reach us and Scorpion who with the exception of the more common exhausts manufacture o order and can take upto 15 working days to deliver to us. Please bear this in mind before placing your order and if you would like a closer approximation please ask and we will ask the questions and answer accordingly. For further information on delivery times please contact us on or call on ++44 28 9581 1333.

Make HP Corse Motorcycle Exhausts the exhaust choice replace your MV Augusta Brutale Motorcycle Exhaust.

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